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Hey,I’m Kelli

I hated computers. In college I failed CAD (computer aided design) twice. TWICE.

For the past 4 years entrepreneurs have been paying me money to design their websites. So how did I get from A to Z?

Eight years ago I opened a mini-spa in Portland, Oregon. I knew NOTHING about marketing I just wanted to keep people’s acne at bay. I built my first website on the platform that came with my accounting software. I was fed up with paying for a re-brand every time my “brand” changed, so I started to tinker around in Squarespace.

The point… I listened to myself and gave myself permission to explore, with the exploring came crazy frustration, but Lawd when I figured stuff out… holy hell it’s like I ran a marathon and didn’t die. So I kept at it, and eventually I liked designing the websites more than the work I was promoting on the websites, so I started to do it for other people.

After years of doing it for others, witnessing marketing trends and experiencing growth in my business, I’ve noticed the golden egg in marketing is showcasing YOU and nobody does that better than you. That said… figuring out how to do that is where hands go up in the air and you start shelling out oodles of dollars you haven’t made yet.

In short, I know this process can feel really BIG. Too BIG.

If you don’t have a guide to follow it can feel like you are spending the better part of your life on Youtube just figuring out how to add different banner colors to your website, getting nowhere except crazy frustrated.

Sooo I’m here to teach you, so you can do what I had to learn the hard way AND help you see yourself as the designer that you are.


After Just

7 Days ...


Build a beautiful brand board (aka your inspo images, colors, font and favicon).

The skill that keeps on giving. Every time you feel a re-brand coming on, or need to create a Sale’s Page for your new course… start with the board.


Understand how to use Canva (a free online design tool) for all of your design needs, regardless of your design experience.

So you can build branded material quick + easy. There’s no professional required, to look professional.


Design a website layout that feels inviting and intuitive for your audience.

Knowing what content to include and how to organize it is key to effectively connecting with your people. People are busy, so creating a website that’s clean, clear and connectable


Learn design techniques and tech hacks to create a customized website that looks all sorts of professional.

Once you learn these tricks you can duplicate them anytime you want to add a page (or new website) to create swift + swanky designs whenever your heart desires.


Ultimately create a beautiful website that feels like home to you, by you.

Creating a website you’re proud of creates clarity and confidence around all of those ideas in your heart + head. In short, when you get this fella constructed… watch out world.

What could take you the better part of a year to create or pay thousands for, can be completed in ONE week for less than a trip to Target.


Before I took Kelli's course I was so frustrated with Squarespace. I would spend hours on my website feeling lost and overwhelmed and not satisfied with my designs. The story in my head was that I wasn't creative or tech savy enough to have a beautiful website. After taking Kelli's course - I feel empowered to design anything I want through Squarespace and it feels amazing! I'm even thinking about helping other new coaches design their sales pages on Squarespace now because I feel like such a pro at it! I now share my website with confidence, as opposed to before I would cringe when someone would ask for my website info.

Designing my website now feels like a creative release instead of a burden.

Thank you Kelli for your help and encouragement!

-Krista Kathleen, Life + Success Coach and CEO of Krista Kathleen


How it happens


9 modules

7 Days of step-by-step video training and downloadable PDFS guiding you through tech tornadoes + 2 bonus modules.



Join the private Facebook group to get through the blocks. In the group you receive feedback + support from me and your peers.


 How Much?

Doors Close In…

The Course



The Course + 1, 90 min coaching session.




The Benefit of the Skills

Untitled design (18).png

the power to create a sale’s page on a whim

Untitled design (18).png

the power to evolve your website + offerings as you do

Untitled design (18).png

THe power to re-design a logo, font and brand colors

Untitled design (18).png

the power of time saved. (I.e. pick a template in minutes).


My website looks LOADS better!

I was hesitant to embark on the course! Courses intimidate me in general… I am pretty scrappy and kind figure stuff out, but I’m not super techy. But… Oh my gosh, am I gad I did it. This course saved me loads of time. Kelli is the REAL deal! She keeps it simple and understandable & has inspired me to keep going. I found clarity and simplicity and I haven’t even finished the course yet. I truly feel like I can do this! Kelli, has loads and loads of knowledge and she explains it in an understandable way! This course is beyond worth it.

- Dani Sumner Ceo of Engedi



Bonus Lessons

A lil’ somethin’ Extra.

Step-by-step video tutorials on how to to set-up a store on Squarespace. All the little things from discount codes to getting paid.


Step-by-step video tutorials on how to create a thank-you page, that allows you deliver any email opt-in freebies in a way that matches your brand.


What Happens When I bUY?


1. Enroll in 7 Day Site Spruce. Pour a glass of bubbly and/or throw some confetti.


2. Create your account login. Sip on more bubbly/ throw ‘ze confetti.


3. Gain immediate access to the course. Stroll around the content whilest sipping ze’ bubbly.


This CoURse is foR…


The makers.

You know the ones making their own candles, cleaning products, pillows, baby food, kombucha and way of doing life. There is so much creation and room for innovation in this branding, designing and marketing she-bang. The world needs the makers fresh and free approach to shake things up and keep the human element alive and well.

The shakers.

You know the ones always shaking things up through adding new courses, consultations, podcasts, and products. There is nothing stagnant about these guys. Their brand is constantly evolving because they are constantly evolving, so having to contact Dave the developer every time they are inspired is a killjoy at best, and a money pit at worst.



Untitled design (18).png

7 day site spruce is a true labor of LOVE!

I so believe in this course. I would have given an elbow to have something like this before I knew what I know. However, I don't want you hovering over the "enroll now" button, hemming and hawing.
I want you to feel crazy confident in your decision.
That's why I have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee.
You can try “7 Day Site Spruce” for the first 15 days, and if you aren't satisfied + have completed Module 1 + 2, just ask me for a full refund.
If you put in the time, followed the steps and stay opened to the process and you still feel STUCK, I will give you 100% of your investment back.

Read About the details of the policy here. To read my full refund policy, click here.


This is more than just a website design. This is true empowerment and freedom in your business.....

you know those things you signed up for when you became an entrepreneur and before the business of business got you running a whole new rat race.

When you put your heart on your homepage, and by heart I mean that elusive thing you want everyone in the world to feel in their bones when they work with you, the rest of your website (and business) is easy.

You see 7 Day Site Spruce is not just about the end product of a beautiful on website you are proud to share with the world. It is about the making your website yourself with the support of this program, you get to learn the skills to forever create the home of all your future creations or tweak this one to match with your evolving brand, gaining the confidence to put your ideas out there in a cohesive visually beautiful way in any format that you decide to.

-Tessa Chittle with The Chittle Homestead